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Anuragk had an inborn passion for creative expression. Amidst the Himalayan foothills, his childhood spent in Solan and Dehradun townships in India. The serenity around and the fire of creativity within was a perfect ground to give expression to his brimming resourcefulness. His receptive senses sharpened his creative abilities and soon his work started speaking for itself.
Born in Calcutta in 1973, the eldest child of Kavita & Ashok Gupta, holds an Masters degree in human resources and no formal art education.
Creativity has no precincts and so does his form of expression. His eclectic taste reflects itself through his artworks in different mediums. He constantly explores new arenas, nothing can bind him. His taste not only reflects vividness but even the depth and a desire for excellence.
Anuragk has worked for many renowned dignitaries and organizations with installation of thematic artworks which remains as, a collector’s charm.

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